Specialist Mortgages | Posted November 12, 2020

3% Reduction In Interest Rate for Property Business

A new client approached Finance 4 Business looking to refinance previous debt and arrange for a capital raise.

What were the client’s objectives?

The client needed access to £700k so that they could refinance existing loans, while arranging a £350k capital raise to repay director loans placed into the business.

As an experienced investor, the client’s aim was to decrease the interest payable on her current loans with speed being of paramount importance.

What solutions did we offer?

Working with the client, our experienced commercial mortgages team were able to provide evidence of income and affordability, as the property was self-funding. Our expert advisers identified potential lenders from our semi-exclusive panel and pinpointed a lender that would be able to meet the specific needs of the client to provide the financial solutions they desired.

The lender of choice provided the client with an excellent interest rate of 2.18%, a 3% reduction when compared to their existing lender. The whole process took just under three months, creating a quick turnaround that allowed the client to remain stress-free while she focused on other investments.

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How did we ensure success?

Our understanding of the client’s circumstances and previous loans allowed us to find an interest rate better suited to their needs.

Our professional team provided the lender with evidence of the client’s capability to repay the loan. As a result, the lender trusted the client’s business would continue to run successfully, and was happy to provide the client with the funds required at an excellent interest rate.

Our strong communication skills and exceptional relationships with both the client and the lender ensured all information was gathered quickly and efficiently. This allowed for a rapid turnaround, getting the client the finance they desired to repay the director loans while achieving their business goals.

The client was delighted by both the deal acquired and the service provided by our commercial mortgages team.

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