Development Finance | Posted October 21, 2021

£459,000 sourced for HMO in London

We recently sourced a loan worth £459,000 for a client based in London, who were looking to source finance in order to transfer an HMO property into their Limited Company.

This deal was introduced to us by a broker, who we have worked with previously. After speaking to their accountant, the client came to the broker to source finance for the transaction.

What were the client’s objectives?

The client already owned the HMO property in their personal name and were looking to transfer it into their Limited Company. The client’s accountant had proposed that they transfer the property in a tax-efficient manner, meaning we needed to source finance appropriate to this request with a swift turnaround.

What solutions did we offer?

Transferring the property with tax efficiency in mind can often cause difficulties with lenders. This is because they require the transaction to be carried out at full market value with all the relevant taxes paid in full.

After approaching a high street lender, we were able to work with them to obtain a flexible solution that allowed the client to transfer the HMO property at full market value in the most tax efficient way possible.

The loan amounted to £459,000 and was completed at 2.46% plus the base rate.

How did we ensure success?

Our experienced commercial mortgage team identified a suitable lender from our semi-exclusive panel to help meet the clients’ specific requirements, as advised by their accountant.

We also ensured that the lender was able to provide the solution the client was looking for, as this requirement can often cause difficulty. Our strong relationships with a raft of lenders allowed us to quickly pinpoint the best course of action for this client.


  • Loan worth £459,000 provided for a transfer of HMO property in London.
  • The client required that the transaction be completed in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Our team provided access to the specific finance required at 2.46% plus base rate.

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