Internal Partners | Posted February 16, 2018

Multiple Solutions Under One Roof

About the Client

We were approached by a new introducer who required assistance in arranging a commercial mortgage for one of his long-established clients. The client in question was looking to purchase commercial premises as part of their company expansion as they were currently trading from home. They had identified a property in Westminster, London and agreed a purchase price of £2.75m, the property was subject to VAT of £550k.

The Project

Following being formally introduced to the client and supplied with various paperwork it transpired that the client had already approached her own High Street Bank who had shown little interest in funding the purchase. Our Commercial Mortgage team reviewed the proposal and were confident that the transaction could be funded by a High Street Lender and ultimately arranged a mortgage via Barclays for £2.1m at 76% LTV.  Finance 4 Business also took the lead in respect of the VAT funding requirement and arranged with a VAT specialist lender a solution as a fall-back position. However after continued discussions with Barclays, we were able to secure a more favourable VAT loan through them to cover the £550k requirement.

Introduction to the Finance 4 Business Group

During the factfinding and due diligence process carried out in arranging the mortgage, it was evident that the client had additional financial requirements that other companies within the Finance 4 Business group could facilitate.

Innovation 4 Business

“Innovation 4 Business” is a Capital Allowances and Stamp Duty Land Tax specialist within the group. They quickly identified £367k of Capital Allowances that could be offset against the corporation tax liability for the clients business. This resulted in the client’s company having reduced tax liabilities for the next 7 years.

Multiple Solutions Under One Roof

Liquidity Club

Whilst speaking to the client during the final stages of the original commercial mortgage transaction, she mentioned that one of her debtors had delayed payment on an invoice that was due to be settled. This resulted in the client having an immediate cashflow shortfall of circa £50k. The commercial team identified a possible solution and referred them to “The Liquidity Club” who also sit within the group and specialise in working capital requirements and funding growth for businesses. They arranged short term unsecured funding for the client for £50k within 5 working days, much quicker than the clients own bank could facilitate.

Caliber Land

Following the loan facility drawing down, a number of the senior management team of Finance 4 Business travelled to London to meet with the client as she was keen to learn more about our land and planning company. Part of her own business was sourcing land for her clients where planning for Care Homes could be secured, the client has committed to using Caliber Land to help her secure off plan land purchases going forward.

Our client was delighted with the outcome and commented – ‘Paul Atkinson and the Team at Finance 4 Business helped make the purchase of my commercial property a smooth and efficient transaction. Not only did the transaction complete within the agreed timescales, Paul introduced me to a number of other company partners where I was able to benefit from a small amount of unsecured borrowing which aided a blip in my cashflow. I would highly recommend Paul and the Finance 4 Business team to arrange finance, and will be delighted to use their services again going forward.’


  • Finance 4 Business have managed to provide a complete financial service that the client’s high street bank was no longer able to do.
  • The client is extremely pleased with the outcome having managed to secure a commercial property with future development opportunity if required.
  • Using our ability to draw on the experience of 3 additional companies within the Finance 4 Business Group, we could help with 4 separate transactions under the same roof providing a seamless customer journey.
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