Specialist Mortgages | Posted September 11, 2018

Same lender, different result

One of our regular Introducing partners referred a client to us who wanted to refinance their investment property and additionally raise capital to assist with the purchase of a new investment property to extend their portfolio.

Once we ensured we had understood the clients exact requirements, we researched the market and identified a solution which perfectly met the client’s needs. When we disclosed to the client the identity of the lender we were proposing, the client was initially reluctant to proceed due to a less than satisfactory experience with the lender in the past.

We discussed the alternative solutions on offer from other lenders on our panel and the client agreed that what we had originally proposed represented the best solution and the maximum leverage.

We assured the client that we would use our excellent relationship with the lender, and work closely with the introducing partner and solicitors for both parties, to make the transaction as seamless and swift as possible.

The client was pleasantly surprised when the formal offer from the lender was provided, despite the valuation being lower than the clients’ original expectations. The process was slick and the client was able to refinance and capital raise within his timescale requirements.

If you have a challenging enquiry that needs placing, or have experienced a less than satisfactory result with a lender, please give us a call!

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