Specialist Mortgages | Posted October 19, 2021

The Transformation of the 299 Lighting HQ

Earlier this year, we helped one of our clients purchase a 7,000sq ft commercial property in Brislington for their new head office. Our client wanted a new smart and sustainable workspace where the team could work collaboratively together.

The client received a 280k loan from one of the lenders on our panel to purchase the space as part of their wider plans to manufacture their own range of British-made lighting products.

We worked closely with both the client and the lender by streamlining all communication to ensure all parties worked together. This allowed for a fast turnaround, getting our client finance quickly and efficiently.

The new 299 Lighting HQ marks an important milestone on their journey as a business, as they wanted to create a new office to mark their 12-year anniversary. Our team are thrilled to have been part of this journey!

Their new office has been specially designed on three main principles, wellbeing, sustainability and design, with the space having a variety of places for staff to work and solar technology to create their own electric power.

Take a look at their new head office!

Paul Atkinson and his expert commercial mortgage team were successfully able to help this client source finance to build the new 299 HQ and the outcome so far is fantastic.

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If you want to learn more about commercial lighting for an upcoming project, contact 299 Lighting. Their brilliant team can help you select the best lighting to transform your office into a creative workspace.

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