Specialist Mortgages | Posted April 10, 2019

We know how to uncomplicate the complex

One of our trusted introducing partners referred two clients to us who had previously converted 2 adjacent houses into 14 multi unit flats without planning approval. The clients are both directors of a limited company aged 70 and 72, one ex pat and the other a foreign national. They completed a bridge in March 2018 to achieve retrospective planning. Following planning approval the client required a BTL mortgage to redeem the bridge and capital raise for a number of improvements that the property required.

Once we ensured we had understood the clients exact requirements, we researched the market and identified a lender which we felt could match the clients needs. Unfortunately the first lender we contacted declined due to unforeseen circumstances. We had to look into alternative solutions from other lenders on our panel. We contacted a second lender, this was successful and they accepted the clients security, ex pat status and background.

During this case there were many challenges. As both clients were based in the USA we had to overcome the time differences and the requirement to express courier documents in accordance with the lenders requirements. Another obstacle that faced us was a last minute planning issue which required the loan agreement to be changed at the 11th hour.

Our commercial team worked hard with support from the lender and their solicitor to get the case completed in the quickest time possible. The lender dedicated 2 completion colleagues on standby to action the application as the matter progressed. The lenders solicitor also prioritised the case and worked excessive hours to meet the volume of work and the time difference with the clients.

Despite all the challenges we faced this was another great example of how we deliver results to our clients. Speed was the key and we achieved offer to completion in two days, providing the bridge exit and capital raise in a time that satisfied the clients exact requirements.


“This must have been one of the most complicated commercial mortgages ever and (Steve) negotiated his way around it like a white-water rafter whilst, at the same time, appearing to have the calmness, as he always does, of a swan paddling on a British village pond on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

His expertise is unparalleled and his deftness in switching to Hampshire Trust Bank, when rejected by (the first lender) , saved us from great embarrassment and allowed us to retain a very important client and those he works with, also valuable clients to our business.

However, all of this pales into insignificance when compared to his assistance in getting this case to offer and then completion, the space between the two having been just 2 days – yes, I’m pinching myself as I think of that miniscule duration. Exceptional!!

It has been a pleasure working with your team at Finance 4 Business and I greatly appreciate the incredible and unwavering help Steven and James, in particular, have given us over this past year or so.

Looking forward to the next one!”

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