Posted November 20, 2020

Joint Ventures Explained: Property Development Finance


Development finance is constantly evolving with a variety of specialist lenders entering the market. This provides a unique opportunity for developers across the country. Whether you are an experienced developer or are looking at financing your first development project, there will be options available to construct the right package for you.

If you are an inexperienced property developer or if you are lacking the financial means to access a more conventional finance solution, you may want to consider a joint venture.

What is a joint venture in property development?

Put simply, a joint venture is an arrangement between partners to achieve a common set of property goals, or objectives. When used effectively, a joint venture can provide significant value for all involved.

Joint ventures can be classed into two separate categories:

  • Experienced developers who require 100% funding for their development project
  • First time developers with the cash resources to contribute but need to partner with an experienced developer to satisfy the general criteria of the lender

Given their unique and complex nature, joint venture funding is often agreed on a case-by-case basis. At Finance 4 Business, our specialist consultants can support you with joint venture property development deals. Without the worry of your funding, you can concentrate on developing your project.

What are the benefits to joint venture funding?

There is a range of benefits to joint venture property development including:

  • Receive access to new markets and distribution networks
  • Sharing of risks and costs
  • Access to greater resources such as finance or specialised knowledge
  • Expert support

Finance 4 Business

In the right circumstances, a joint venture can be the perfect solution. If you are interested in a joint venture, we can provide you with a tailored development finance solution.

We allow you access to an extensive panel of experienced lenders, giving you access to a multitude of options. Our specialist property development team are able to assist, delivering adaptable expertise as part of a fully integrated development solution.

Not only this, but we also work alongside a range of property experts in our partners Caliber and Walker Doble. Our partnerships mean you can rest assured with your next project with multiple solutions under one roof.

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