Posted May 15, 2020

Lenders Hungry To Lend: Gain Access to New, Semi-Exclusive Buy-To-Let Products


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted individuals, businesses and industries across the country financially, emotionally and physically. However, with the introduction of the government’s new coronavirus rating system and the change of the key messaging from “Stay Home” to “Stay Alert,” Boris Johnson is preparing the country for a slow movement out of lockdown.

As we prepare to move out of lockdown, many people, businesses and industries will begin to look ahead and make plans for the future. In fact, during these challenging times, we still have lenders hungry to lend.

Lender Octane Capital has recently unveiled a range of semi-exclusive buy to let products, which are available through select specialist brokers. We are pleased to announce that Finance 4 Business is one of them.

The buy to let financial solutions have been designed to be completely flexible to support everyone, from first-time investors through to experienced landlords. Each facility Octane Capital provides is tailored to provide an innovative and flexible approach with the view that no two loans are ever the same.

Key features of their new products

  • Octane Capital’s new products include 5 different waves of buy-to-let mortgage, with the main features being:
  • Rates start at 5.49% = with a 4.49% pay rate
  • 2, 3 or 5 year terms available
  • Up to 65% LTV
  • No stress testing – they only need 100% rental cover of the pay rate

Borrower scenarios

  • Octane have stated that they can provide financial solutions for a range of different borrower scenarios which include:
  • Borrowers with a limited deposit
  • Foreign nationals
  • Ex pats
  • Ltd companies
  • Offshore companies
  • Trusts
  • Adverse credit

Property scenarios

  • The lender can provide mortgages for property scenarios such as:
  • Low yielding property
  • Semi-commercial properties
  • Small & Large HMOs
  • Multi-unit freehold blocks
  • Residential above commercial
  • Ex council
  • Planning irregularities

This new range of products can support those looking to invest, begin or maintain their business as we move out of the government’s lockdown.

Finance 4 Business

As one of their specialist financial brokers, we can provide our clients with semi-exclusive access to Octane’s buy-to-let products and provide certainty during these uncertain times.

Call us today on 0121 309 0444 to discuss your options with an expert.