Posted December 16, 2021

The Need for Speed in Bridging Transactions


As we approach the end of the year, and the developer market begins to regain a steady pace after the pandemic-induced lull, brokers should be seeking ways to help their clients maximise new opportunities.

One of the central focus points in bridging finance transactions should be speed, and there are various ways brokers can ensure each transaction is completed promptly.


With the current ever-evolving technology arena, most sectors are fully saturated and there’s rarely a sector untouched by said advancements.

A desktop valuation is a prime example of this. Desktop valuations are significantly speeding up the process within the lending field. With the increased use of technology, the drafting of the report, which usually takes roughly a fortnight to complete, can now be achieved in minutes – this is a massive benefit.

Furthermore, intermediaries should also seek to work alongside brokers who have access to lenders that use this form of solution, which thankfully, is becoming a lot more common.

A great example of this being extremely beneficial was in a recent case study we handled. One of our clients was in the process of purchasing a new property and was contractually obliged to complete the transaction within a set timeframe. Unfortunately, later down the line a buyer pulled out because their mortgage was refused at the eleventh hour. This left our client with only two weeks to complete the purchase, otherwise they would be at risk of losing the property and the deposit.

Thankfully, our team was able to intervene and arrange a bridging loan using desktop valuation, which saved a lot of time and hassle for our client and avoided the potential disaster of losing the sale and deposit that they had already paid. We were able to successfully help this client complete the purchase on the agreed purchase date, leaving us with an extremely relieved and thrilled client!


Another area that can add delay to the lending decision process is legal. Using solicitors who are experienced with what is involved when preparing a bridging finance transaction is the best route.

Many clients opt to use their own solicitor in these processes, who may have dealt with previous cases or their family affairs and may be ‘all-rounders’. However, intermediaries should advise clients to use legal teams who are well versed in this industry instead.

In a few cases, lenders employing the latest valuation technology also offer appropriate legal representation, which makes the entire lending process a lot faster and efficient.

Recently, we worked with a client who insisted on using their own solicitor. However, a couple of weeks down the line, the necessary documentation had not been processed and we had had to employ our specialist legal to assist with completing this transaction. Therefore, making this process considerably longer than it should have been, costing the client valuable time and money.


The value of a master packager can make a difference between a smooth and efficient transaction or a long drawn-out transaction. It’s better to work with a partner that understands the bridging market thoroughly and can identify the best-suited lender and partners promptly to facilitate the deal.

Having a broker that has strong relationships with a large pool of lenders is key. Certain lenders use online portals where forms can be used for clients to fill in data to speed up processes, while others have products where the underwriting and legal processes have a more relaxed criteria.

With the right broker, a deal can be on the table within a couple of hours.

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