Posted March 15, 2021

Unique approach to solutions provision from industry experts: ARMCO has launched!


We are extremely proud to announce that Finance 4 Business is now a part of ARMCO, an innovative consultancy firm that has been designed to assist businesses to help them adapt and flourish in the “new normal”.

Founded by Birmingham-based business founder and investor Russell Martin, ARMCO offers a revolutionary approach to property and finance-based services. The group provides clients with complete and tailored solutions – merging specialist lending, corporate support, land procurement and development and insurance services to provide quality assistance in a fast-evolving business landscape.

ARMCO is centred in the heart of Birmingham’s finance district and provides a base for reaching local, regional and national clientele.

Russell’s venture started over 15 years when he founded Finance 4 Business. From this experience, expertise and his connections, he started additional businesses to offer combined solutions to clients.

On this foundation, ARMCO was born. Now, completed with an additional four firms, we are able to deliver a comprehensive offering of synergistic services to our clients.

ARMCO founder Russell Martin explains:

“We are living in uncertain times and a post-pandemic world looks very different for a lot of businesses. Overcoming challenges such as access to business finance, sourcing sector-based specialist risk and insurance solutions or navigating land procurement and development opportunities will have presented complexity before Covid, but the ‘new normal’ will be more challenging for many.

“The combination of expertise at ARMCO means we can deliver bespoke solutions for our clients to help them maximise growth opportunities and give them an exceptional experience. Our adept approach ensures that even the most complex of transactions are navigated with integrity, proficiency and pace. The combination of a human approach,passion and commitment of strong leaders and highly collaborative partnerships, combined with a central services approach,presents an unrivalled proposition in the UK – particularly with Jon at the helm, leading and propelling the group.” 

From left to right: Dave Pinnington, Russell Martin, Paul Atkinson, Melanie Johnson. 

Alongside Finance 4 Business, the ARMCO group includes Liquidity Club, Innovation 4 Business, Walker Doble – with four new firms Atlas Land & Planning, Midshore Partners, Chordis Capital and Cape Insurance.

All are operated by industry experts Russell Martin, David Pinnington, David Totney, Philip Moore, Rebecca Doble, Marc Walker, James England and Rob Lankey and Henry Gallacher.

Collectively, the group offers specialist knowledge on financial solutions including asset, bridging and development finance, tax solutions and MBOs – helping SMEs in a range of sectors, property developers (including allied trades and professionals) and investors.

The benefit of ARMCO’s expertise has been experienced by the Fitzpatrick Group Ltd – a housing delivery service provider with a requirement for finance provision to assist expansion into various specialist sub sectors.

The firm’s Managing Director, Mark Fitzpatrick, explains:

“I have worked with Russell for more than a decade, initially through Finance 4 Business (F4B), through which I have had in excess of 25 loans arranged for me, across many disciplines and through a multitude of different lenders, from commercial mortgages, Buy-To-Let and bridging loans, to development and asset finance. The attention to detail, end-to-end service and dedication has been a staple feature of the service. 

“The evolution of ARMCO has seen the inception of some great businesses led by fantastic people, with whom I have transacted on many occasions, with great satisfaction and results. The launch of ARMCO makes absolute sense and I have no doubt Russell and his team will go from strength to strength.”

Russell concluded: 

“Success in any business involves being able to navigate a market, identify business opportunities and be agile enough to be able to plug gaps in the market. I have applied that formula to my businesses, and the ARMCO offering can now support businesses in realising their ambitions, as we all try to navigate our way through these turbulent times. We are a group of companies built on strong relationships, not transactions, and I’m delighted to have such robust and proven expertise on board at ARMCO. We have ambitious expansion plans and will be adding more companies to provide further synergy within the group.”

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From left to right: Paul Atkinson, Dave Pinnington, Russell Martin, Melanie Johnson.