Posted February 26, 2021

IAR: Why Unregulated Mortgage Brokers Should Partner With Finance 4 Business


In these hectic and unprecedented times, the need for creative solutions, be it to save money, time or any other valued resource has never been higher. Being able to outsource and work with larger specialist financial brokerages, such as Finance 4 Business, is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect, and it’s not hard to see why.

Many Birmingham-based finance brokers have already begun working with us, and it’s proving to be a fantastic way to increase your offering while saving you time and money too. We are now expanding our offering; meaning finance brokers from across the country can begin a partnership with Finance 4 Business.

What is an IAR?

An ‘Introducer Appointed Representative’, more commonly referred to as an ‘IAR’, is an unregulated person or entity who enters into an introducer relationship with a regulated Firm (the ‘Principle’) and can introduce clients to the Principle irrespective of the entity type of the client (consumer, sole trader, small partnership etc) and irrespective of the product the client is seeking i.e. whether regulated or unregulated.

By partnering with Finance 4 Business, your day-to-day duties remain relatively the same, as you carry out various unregulated activities and broker duties for clients.

As an IAR for Finance 4 Business, your clients can benefit from our established relationships with specialist lenders in the market. Not only this but as Principle, we remain responsible for the provision of advice and the accompanying regulatory and compliance costs.

This means you can focus fully on your clients, getting them the best deals possible for their requirements.

What are the key benefits of working with Finance 4 Business?

There are no fees

The overarching benefit of becoming an IAR is the money saved. Become directly authorised yourself comes with several hefty costs, which depending on the level of authorisation required, could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

On top of those costs, you would either need to recruit compliance staff or pay a third-party compliance consultant to ensure your activities meet regulatory standards and the correct level of oversight was in place.

Becoming an Appointed Representative of a directly authorised Firm can also be expensive as you would need to recruit regulated advisors.

By becoming an IAR of Finance 4 Business, you can also gain access to our state-of-the-art offices (if you choose).

Competitive commission

We have been informed by several of our existing IARs that our commission arrangements are more favourable than the arrangements they have had or still have with other Principles.

Training and support

Having ongoing compliance and business development support can prove to be invaluable and is exactly what you will receive when working as an IAR with Finance 4 Business.

On top of this, you will constantly benefit from training and development; being able to use our expert team as a hub of advice for specialist areas you may need support with.

Reduced timescales

The process of becoming fully authorised can be laborious, ranging from 6-18 months, on top of having to dedicate time and effort into recruiting and training staff. Typically, the entire IAR onboarding process takes less than 2 weeks.

Not having a lengthy application process to worry about allows more time to focus on delivering a high-quality service to your clients, tailored precisely to their individual needs, as well as allowing time for networking and constructing long-lasting client relationships.

Benefit from our established relationships

Our experienced advisers have strong relationships with specialist lenders across the country. In working with Finance 4 Business, you can benefit from our established reputation and the trust we have built up with our large lender panel.

This means you can support your clients with getting the best deal possible, without the legwork of getting to know the relevant contacts yourself.

Finance 4 Business

As a specialist financial broker based in Birmingham, we have experience working with a range of IARs.

If you would like to find out more about working with Finance 4 Business, call our expert team on 0121 309 0444.